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Pepsie & Dog Nuggets.

Headed to South Shields today to paint in the sun and have fish and chips.

On the way there I had the dog standing on my knee so he could have is head out the car window.

Unbeknownst to me, His arsehole was rubbing on my shirt so when I got out the car I noticed a little skidmark with a hair in it on my shirt. Not my best moment.



Kehs Inch.


Rain is sh*t.

Well, what a day. Me and Grub had this day arranged for quite some time. When I left the house it was a little wet but nothing to worry about. Met up with him and after being stopped by people trying to get us to sponsor a tiger and telling them bluntly we were going to ‘write our names on walls’ we finally got our emulsion and headed to the wall.

By the time we got there it was absolutely pissing down so we sheltered in the closed fair next to the wall and after about an hour decided to just go for it. After realising the emulsion wasn’t even going on the wall we went for a pint.

After drying our jackets and outlines in the pub for another hour we walked to poundland and bought some towels to dry the wall. On the way back down to the wall the rain stopped and the sun came out. It might have took about 4 hours before we even started but after all that it turned out to be a good day.









Wind Chill…




South Shields.

A day out at South Shields. Nice weather. Poundland paint.¬†White didn’t work. Caps blocked. End of…