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Nike X Ecentrik Artistry “Summer Love Collection”

Some of the freshest sneaks I have seen in a long time are the custom “Summer Love” Nike’s by Ecentrik Artistry. Available in:

‘Sunset’ Air Force 1…



‘Cocktail’ Air Max 90…



And my favourite, ‘Surf’s Up’ Air Max 90…



These were custom made and only available in summer 2011 so I’m guessing they’re close to impossible to find anywhere now. But good luck, because they really are the perfect set of trainers to get you in the summer mood…

Visit Ecentrik Artistry for more sneakers with their trademark colour blends and visual happiness.

Crazy Nike Collaborations…

Nike are well known for there colabs and here is a couple of my favourites; 

Nike SB x Slayer – Reign in blood.


Next is the Air Max 90 Warhawk. The “Warhawk” 90s feature the colourway and trademark teeth found on the P-40 Warhawk used in World War II.

Last but not least is a two part package including the Air Max 90 and Air Force 1, entitled “Death from Above” in which the “Death Seeker” Air Force 1 and “Phantom Mirage” Air Max 90 are inspired by fighter jets and airborne squadrons.