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Sofles + MrDheo

So I was watching the new Sofles +Mr Dheo video, thinking that it’s well shot and edited, when it gets to 2 minutes and 40 seconds in. From then on, it’s brain raping time…

1UP Berlin – DVD Trailer (2011)





Here’s what Shock Mansion had to say…

“Berlin’s one and only 1UP crew are going to release their own DVD this December. Titled 1UP Berlin – One United Power the DVD presents 4 hours of 1UP graffiti from within the past eight years, including dope writing actions, street-pieces, roof-top rollers, whole-cars, and a lot more mainly recorded in Berlin but also during their trips to Istanbul, Paris, Cuba, and other places around the globe. I’m pretty sure, everyone who has ever visited Berlin, has seen a handful of 1UP graffiti whether they realise it or not. Up on the roofs, down in the subway tunnels or on trains, cars or walls, 1UP is everywhere and for that reason they play a large part of Berlin’s street culture and graffiti scene. Don’t miss the trailer after the jump, it gets pretty wild…”

And here are a few from 1UP that really caught my eye…








Montana 750ml Ultrawide

Holy Shit…




Cos I’m a Crepe…

Read this…


While listening to this…

Beardyman at his best…

I first heard this first video a fair few years ago now and was pretty much blown away.

“Some people like to add fish at this point. Don’t do it”…

And this next one sounds absolutely amazing with some headphones with decent bass. His funky slap bass towards the end sounds unreal (well technically it sounds real, but you know what I mean).

Worlds hardest Mario game…

This is f#@king hilarious. The guys reactions to dying are amazing.

Que & Tier