A World Without Religion…

Imagine a world where there was no religion, no idea of a god, no reason to kill a fellow man because he doesn’t believe your ideas are correct.


Imagine a world where science was the one belief. Where science was used to prove, and disprove, all the facts of the universe. Where questioning each others ideas and theories was encouraged, and where you actively searched for facts about everything, because faith would seem like the lazy way out.


Now imagine someone said,

“I’ve got this book about an invisible bloke who you just have to believe is up there because there never has been, nor ever will there be, any proof he exists.

You’re going to devote your life to him, live by his rules, and totally divert from the main ideas of religion, such as bringing peace to the world and your fellow man.


You’re going to use this idea to corrupt children, you’re going to force it onto them, destroying their free will and any free thinking they may have developed as they became adults, in order to create a generation of mindless soldiers.


Your going to kill, invade, abuse, and start wars over this idea, because this book can be so loosely translated, either metaphorically or literally, that you can deform it’s story to mean whatever you like.”


Would you, with your rational, mentally stable mind, believe there was actually a conscious force that has never been identified in the history of man, controlling the universe?


If your going to believe in Him, then I chose to believe the universe was created by a giant pretzel named Gary. And he grants me wishes. And talks to me. And tells me to kill people who don’t follow my beliefs…



2 responses to “A World Without Religion…

  1. Good post. I would imagine we’d be far more advanced as a species had it not been for religion. We’d also be a more peaceful species. Evidence suggests that humans are intrinsically prosocial, empathic. Your post reminded me of this video. http://youtu.be/9nnwvoH-4XI

    “Don’t say you know its name
    Don’t say it told you to tell people what to do with their lives
    Don’t say those that believe otherwise must be punished
    Don’t say it sends earthquakes and tsunamis
    Don’t say it ever hurts anyone for any reason because that is sick
    But most of all, don’t give away our dignity”

    • Thanks for your reply. It seems that we can never advance as quickly as we should, whether it be scientifically, technologically, or medically, because there will always be some sort of religious influence holding us back.

      I try not to sound too biased and opinionated but I get so frustrated when I read about religious people that follow their faith so blindly that they miss what is actually happening in the world with real people.

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